Eppicard gives users instant fund access

What is this Eppicard all about?


The government introduced the eppicard as a more modern way for people to receive payments issued from the state. The eppicard was first unleashed in 2005 with the main target being to replace the then current system of government issued checks for receiving benefit payments.

People familiar with collecting child support checks will have probably already made the upgrade to new eppicard system. It’s a great way to access your child support funds whilst being able to use it like a regular credit or debit card. That means drawing funds from ATM machines, paying for goods in stores and using it online to make a purchase. Probably the main advantage for most people is the fact you get your account instantly credited with your allocate funds which beats a trip to the bank every month and having to then wait for the check to clear before being able to access the funds. The date your funds are due will be the date your card is credited. The situation when this may not be the case would be if the payment is meant for a Saturday or Sunday for which the funds would be credited on the next Monday.

How does somebody get an Eppicard?

Don’t fear, its ever so easy. To apply for an Eppicard you need to contact your state office and make the application with them. They have the authority to grant or deny you an Eppicard which will depend on if you are eligible for welfare payments or not. All eppicards that get granted are mailed to their recipients within 10 days of being successful.

Other eppicard sources of interest

Each state has its own Eppicard portal on the web. The best way to find your states web portal is to use Google search engine and type you state and eppicard. For example Mississippi Eppicard. Alternatively you can find details on our website, eppicard support. The advantages of using these eppicard state sites are multiple. You can access your balance and also keep yourself informed of any changes happening the may effect your circumstances.

For more info visit www.eppicard.com

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