Georgia Eppicard website

Georgia Eppicard website

The Georgia Eppicard website is the section of the eppicard system dedicated to Georgia.  Each state has their individual site to help them if they are experienced problems of any kind.  The sites can also be used to login into your eppicard account to check your balance.  Payments are automatic so your card will be topped up by the government each month with your child support payment, that means no more waiting for checks to clear.

Feedback from this relativity new system is good, mainly because of the automated process and the fact that there is less paperwork.  Some say perhaps this type of system should of been in place some time ago as technology would of supported it, but at least it is here now.

I have included links below which maybe of help.

Georgia Eppicard website – further information

Eppicard VA – Virginia eppicard info.

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