Eppicard VA

Eppicard VA

The VA Eppicard is the abbreviation given to the state of Virginia for their own eppicard.   December 2005 was the year that the Eppicard VA came into action and ever since people have been receiving their child support payments a lot quicker and more efficiently.  This method means money is instant and mothers can go out the same day to use their topped up balance.

Withdrawals at atm machines is also allowed which makes things easier too, but credit is never given so you cannot go over drawn.  This is a sensible decision made by the government in my opinion.

If you don’t live in Virginia then your state will have their own eppicard and rules vary slightly between each one so it is worth checking them out to make sure you are able to use yours at atm’s too because I believe that some machines will charge users to take out money so make sure you use the atms that dont.  Further information can been seen using the links below.

Eppicard VA – VA website information

Eppicard NJ – New Jersey Eppicard information

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