Eppicard NJ

Eppicard NJ

Eppicard NJ is short for the eppicard published and released in New Jersey and is given to people who are on Child Support.  The card is similar to a credit card in the way it gives the user an option to pay for goods using as a cash card or able to draw money from an atm machine.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is spend more money than is on the card, which would mean borrowing and going into credit.  The amount on the card is all that is available.

The Eppicard system has been in use for some time now and the Eppicard NJ is as popular as any other.  It makes the whole system run more smoothly as you don’t have to wait for your child support check in the post and then have to wait for it to clear before being able to access the money.  the eppicard way means the cash is instantly credited onto the card on the same day each month by the government and there is no waiting.

Each state has their own Eppicard with a corresponding support site making account and balance information easy to access online.  The Eppicard NJ information can be found below, as well as other related articles.

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